Holy Monkey Pumpers! How cool would it be to have your very own customized ring tones by Mr. Manly? There you are, enjoying a cheap beer at your favorite establishment, The Stumble Inn & Puke, when your cell on the bar rings aloud with:

“Hey, hey, hey! It Looks like Larry has a Manly phone call coming his way!”


“Shoo-wee momma! It looks like someone’s ready for some Manly Gratification!”

Can you just imagine how impressed the ladies at the bar will be when they hear that?

But wait, that’s not all! With this offer you will also get your Manly voicemail greeting! Your friends won’t know what to say when they hear:

“Hey, hey, hey! Mr. Manly here! Larry can’t come to the phone right now but later on when he’s finished playing “Let’s hide the salami” – with your mom – he’ll get back to you. Until then, Be Manly & Good Day!”

The messages are limited to your imagination and it’s only $10 payable through PayPayl!

LADIES! I CAN DO THE SAME THING FOR YOU! Wanna get back at the ex-boyfriend? How about:

“Hey, hey, hey! Mr. Manly here! Sally can’t come to the phone right now. She’s recovering from getting the Manly Gratification she so greatly desired. Leave a message after the tone and later – when she can walk again – she get right back to ya’!”

Do NOT send payment until you have been contacted and/or notified that your audio files are ready. Upon receipt of payment via PayPal, audio will be sent as mP3 files to the email address you provide.

NOTE: Mr. Manly reserves the right to refuse to record content deemed to be offensive or illegal.


Interested? Then contact me right here!

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